Posture Alignment & Sports Massage
Stretch Stronger is a sports therapy business dedicated to helping polers and aerialists move well, recover faster and increase active flexibility to help achieve those demanding moves and combos.

Specialising in posture alignment and sports massage, we check, service and align your body, restoring great movement, reprogramming poor posture habits and assisting with muscular recovery to keep you training and improving.

Qualifications & Experience

Ellie Bradsell is a qualified L3 Ki-Hara posture coach, Compex coach, L3 exercise referral therapist and Sports Masseuse in addition to an Xpert Pole & Aerial instructor. She has worked in the field of posture alignment for almost a decade, focusing on improving the performance of athletes, sports professionals and enthusiasts. Ellie also teaches pole and aerial classes and understands the common stresses the sport places on the body.


Posture alignment and sports massages with Ellie will be tailored specifically to your needs and held in the treatment room in Addictive Fitness Coleshill studio. We charge a flat fee for all sessions with no additional charges to make sure your body gets what it needs.

To book an appointment please contact Ellie direct:

Call: 07866 548630

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