Ali Jane

I started Pole Fitness in 2011 and fell in love with Aerial Silks in 2015 (taking time off to have my two babies).

I can honestly say pole and silks have positively impacted my life. I enjoy the challenge of attempting something new every time I train and the determination I show when trying to nail a new trick or combo. There is always so much to learn, and I even enjoy the challenge of rebuilding my strength after taking a break.

I have performed Aerial Silks and Doubles Pole at Addictive Fitness showcases and events and competed in pole competitions with my doubles partner Katey. We can’t wait to enter more Pole Double competitions in the future.

Joining Addictive Fitness not only improves your strength, flexibility and fitness, you become part of the Addictive family. There is no better feeling than instructors and fellow students supporting you to conquer your fear or celebrating with you when you finally achieve a goal. This positive, supportive atmosphere is one reason students keep coming back for more.

I cover Pole Fitness and Aerial Silks classes when needed and offer private sessions for adults and children.


  • Pole Revolution 2019 – 3rd Place Amateur Pole Doubles
  • Midlands Pole Championships 2022 – 2nd Place Pole Doubles

Fitness qualifications

  • Xpert Pole Fitness Instructor