Ki-Hara Strength & Flexibility Class

Addictive Fitness hosts the UK’s only Ki-Hara Strength and Flexibility class. Get strong, get flexible and have fun! Guaranteed you’ll never have experienced anything like it! No jumping, squatting or running. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Build strength and flexibility all over your body, protect your muscles as you build strength and length. Use it to hold those difficult pole moves and of course achieve the fexy, oh so sexy ones too!

We also offer private classes as 1-1's, small groups or larger groups.

When attending Ki-Hara Strength and Flexibility classes, please ensure hair is tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. It is advised to wear leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a vest or t-shirt top. No shoes are required as the class will be taught with bare feet.