Static Trapeze
Static Trapeze (also known as fixed trapeze) is a piece of apparatus containing a horizontal bar, which is wrapped in tape, suspended from two ropes.

Height of trapeze 1 / length of ropes: 2.5m (grey ropes)
Height of trapeze 2 / length of ropes: 2m (black ropes)

Hire cost (per trapeze): £75.00 per 24 hours
Deposit required (per trapeze): £50 (refundable once checked for damages / defects)
Number of static trapezes available for hire: 2

Rigging accessories such as strops, carabiners and spinners are not included in the hire cost.

Important: Aerial Arts are dangerous. Please check equipment before each use. Addictive Fitness Limited cannot be held responsible for injury/fatality resulting from misuse of equipment.