LED Aerial Sphere / Lyra
A beautiful and unique aerial prop with multi-changing LED’s that will create a truly mesmerising act.

Multifunctional: Can either be rigged from above on your rig point like an aerial hoop or connected to an X-Stage base like an aerial lollipop.

Grip size 32mm plus 3mm PVC covering

Weight of sphere: 10kg
Working load: 270kg

The LED’s connect via bluetooth to your mobile.

LED working time – approximately 50 minutes on full charge

Hire cost: £150 per 24 hours
Deposit required: £100 (refundable once checked for damages / defects)
Number of aerial spheres available for hire: 1

View below video which shows some of the multi-changing LED settings.

Please note! 1 carabiner with silicone tubing to protect the sphere is included in the hire cost but additional rigging accessories such as strops, spinners and further carabiners are not included in the hire cost.

Important: Aerial Arts are dangerous. Please check equipment before each use. Addictive Fitness Limited cannot be held responsible for injury/fatality resulting from misuse of equipment.