Flying / Sky Pole

Flying Pole is the first apparatus to fully bridge the gap between the Aerial and Pole worlds (also known as Aerial Pole and Swinging Pole). The flying pole will attach to your rig point at the top but remains unattached at the bottom which makes the pole swing around.

Diameter of pole: 45mm
Material: Chrome

Hire cost (per flying pole): £75.00 per 24 hours
Deposit required (per flying pole): £50 (refundable once checked for damages / defects)
Number of flying poles available for hire: 2

Please note! 1 hand strop with each flying pole is included in the hire cost but additional rigging accessories such as strops, spinners and carabiners are not included in the hire cost.

Important: Aerial Arts are dangerous. Please check equipment before each use. Addictive Fitness Limited cannot be held responsible for injury/fatality resulting from misuse of equipment.