From age 18 to adult

It’s twerk time! Let’s pop, shimmy and jiggle. Twerking is a type of sexy dance move (if done correctly), in which you squat, shake your booty and thrust your hips simultaneously.

The fitness benefits of twerking are impressive; the movements combine fat burning with toning, and if practised regularly are pretty much guaranteed to give you the rear of the year.

We teach different twerk techniques and moves which can be used on the floor and on the pole. We then use these moves to link together in a fun routine. Lots of giggles guaranteed! All booties are welcome. This is a fun and relaxed class celebrating all the bootayful bums.

No experience necessary, any fitness level from age 18 to adults.

It’s recommended to wear small shorts and knee pads for this class.

Twerking is offered in private sessions and ad hoc workshops only, we do not offer this as a regular open class.