Stretch & Flexibility – Backbends & Shoulders (Online Class)

From age 8 to adult

Do you suffer from stiff shoulders or tight back? Or have you ever wanted to try getting into a bridge or other backbendy shapes? Then this is the class for you. Backbends class involves a range of strength and mobility moves which target the shoulders, arms and back allowing the muscles to build strength and mobility to support more flexible positions. This is followed by a range of stretching techniques including PNF, active and passive stretching to help increase muscle flexibility.

This class focuses on opening up the upper back and shoulders actively with a chance to practice cobra and bridge positions plus fun shape variations, such as king pigeons, towards the end of the class.

Yoga blocks, massage balls and resistance bands are recommended for use in this class.

Please note this class is taught online via Zoom. If joining via Zoom you will need a room with a good internet connection. You can also take the recording of the class to complete at a more convenient time for you. Recordings usually last 2 weeks but can be downloaded if you wish to have access for longer.

No previous experience necessary, any fitness level from age 8 to adults.

As well as our weekly classes we also offer stretch as private sessions and small group bookings for more personalised goals.