Practice Sessions / Open Space
From age 8 to adult

Practice sessions / open space is an opportunity for students/performers/instructors to work on their own material. Maybe you are working towards a competition or a show and need rehearsal time or have an upcoming photoshoot that you would like to practice your moves, or maybe you just want to perfect things you have learnt in our structured classes.

When you book a space on these sessions you are reserving an apparatus to yourself (i.e. a pole, a silk, a hoop), and can train freely on this for the duration of the session.

This is a non-structured / non-taught session there WILL NOT be an instructor teaching or helping during this time, but will be an instructor within the studio at all times for safety purposes.

These sessions are open to youths and adults, but you must be intermediate level+ on the equipment and be able to work completely on your own initiative including your own warm-up.

When attending these classes, please ensure no jewellery is worn. It is advised to wear long-sleeved tops and leggings for aerial and shorts with a sports top, vest top or t-shirt top for pole.