Lyrical Pole Choreography
From age 14 to adult

Focusing on the lyrical style of pole dance, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to flow freely around the pole.

The choreography will include a range of low-level spins and flow movements, floor work and beginner-level lyrical dance to allow your body to feel the music. The flow choreography will include advancements/regressions for our more experienced or non-experienced polers. The routine will be broken down into sections and you will get to perform what you have learnt in groups at the end of the session.

Pole dancing uses every part of your body and requires a good deal of concentration, it’s a great way to rest your mind and improve your mental health. Leave your troubles at the door and focus your full attention on your body and the routine you’re working on.

This is a mixed-level class, however, students must be confident in beginner spins, fan kicks, inverts and basic seat. The class will not include inverts, or any advanced pole moves. No major flexibility is needed, and you do NOT need any previous dance experience.

Knee pads are recommended but not essential. Please do not wear heels for this class. Bare foot / ballet or dance shoes only. Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing but bring pole shorts too.

Lyrical Pole Choreography class is run once a month on a Friday evening.

As well as our classes we offer private sessions in all our skills as 1-1’s, small groups, larger groups and party bookings for birthdays and hen parties.