Heels 101: Foundations

From age 18 to adult

Level: Beginner – Improver
Prerequisites: None

Heels 101: Foundations is a heels class that is made up of short, broken down flow combinations/ transitions, basework and all things floorwork. What makes this class unique, is that we do all of the above whilst focusing wholly on correct and safe heels technique. The class dives into ankle conditioning (in heels) and learning the technique fundamentals, right from the basics.

Exploring heels technique not only ensures safe practice to promote correct muscle engagement and prevent injury, it develops the right habits needed in order to progress in heels pole.

Combos taught are encouraged to be done at your own desired speed and therefore are NOT pre-styled or choreographed and timed to music.

Freestyle and your own style exploration is heavily encouraged in class, in addition to taught class content.

Pole dancing uses every part of your body and requires a good deal of concentration, it’s a great way to rest your mind and improve your mental health. Leave your troubles at the door and focus your full attention on your body and the routine you’re working on.

Important! Heels 101: Foundations is a beginner – improver level class. There are no prerequisites.

Heels are essential for this class, but ONLY specific pole heels such as pleasers and hella heels, please do not wear normal going out heels. Knee pads are strongly recommended.

As well as our classes we offer private sessions in all our skills as 1-1’s, small groups, larger groups and party bookings for birthdays and hen parties.