Aerial Silks
From age 5 to adult

Aerial Silks are long sections of fabric rigged from the truss, enabling you to climb, create shapes, spin and perform tricks and drops.

Under careful instruction, you’ll learn how to wrap the silks around your body to achieve cool poses and as you improve with experience, you could be tumbling down the length of the silks performing jaw-dropping drops. There are endless varieties of shapes, wraps and drops that can be linked together to create unique styles and routines.

Aerial Silks is a full-body workout, amazing for the core, back and arms, all made fun by creating shapes and sequences. Even just climbing up the silks will engage many important muscles, you’ll also notice your flexibility improving as you stretch yourself through the shapes and transitions. It’s great for building strength which is beneficial for training in other skills such as pole fitness and aerial hoop.

Aerial Silks is also a great way to improve your mental health. Many students find that the concentration required in learning an aerial skill is very mindful.

When attending these classes, please ensure no jewellery is worn. It is advised to wear long-sleeved tops and leggings.

Addictive Fitness offers a variety of Aerial Silks classes for adults, teens and children from ages 5 and upwards. We cater for all abilities; beginners, intermediate, and advanced, we even offer mixed-ability classes which is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people or to bring a friend along who may never have tried it before.

We have six aerial silks in our Coleshill studio, all 5m in height, and two in our Sutton studio both at 7m in height.

As well as the group classes, we offer private sessions in all our skills as 1-1’s, small groups, larger groups and party bookings for birthdays and hen parties.

Notes: age restrictions apply on some classes so please check the description on the class when booking.