Aerial Yoga / Aerial Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility

Aerial Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility is a very popular class at Addictive Fitness, it’s a fun and unique class incorporating yoga, stretch and an incredible core workout. Within the class each student has their own set of silks that are formed into a wide aerial sling hung like a hammock. The hammock is used to support your body weight, whilst performing a variety of yoga poses, aerial crunches and enabling deep stretches in a more relaxed way.

What makes this class so unique is the use of the hammock as it helps decompress the spine and can help to avoid certain injuries that may be associated with these stretches in a regular yoga or stretch class. By removing compression from the spine, the aid of the fabric provides greater comfort and increases freedom of movement. Poses are more accessible with the support of the silks, making this an excellent class for all levels and abilities.

This class is perfect for increasing muscular flexibility, strengthening the core muscles in the upper and lower body to assist with other classes such as Pole Fitness and Aerial Silks and Hoop, as well as increasing joint mobility. It’s a low impact cardiovascular conditioning class that works you hard but is a lot of fun and stimulates the release of 'happy hormones.'

Addictive Fitness offer this class as mixed ability so complete beginners are welcome, there will be various difficulty levels to cater for all fitness levels. We also offer private classes as 1-1’s, small groups, larger groups and party bookings for birthdays and hen parties.

When attending Aerial Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility classes, please ensure hair is tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. It is advised to wear long sleeved tops and leggings. No shoes/trainers are required as the class will be taught with bare feet.