Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks are long sections of material rigged from the ceiling, enabling you to climb, create shapes, and perform tricks and drops, whilst being high in the air. There are an endless variety of moves, wraps, drops, twists and turns, that can be linked together to create unique styles and routines.

Aerial silks is a full body work out. Throughout each lesson you will be using every muscle in your body, an amazing core, back and arm workout made fun by creating shapes and poses.

Addictive Fitness offer a variety of Aerial Silks classes for adults, teens and children from age 5 upwards, we cater for all abilities; beginners, intermediate, advanced, we even offer mixed ability classes which is a fantastic opportunity to bring a friend who may never have tried it before. We also offer private classes as 1-1’s, small groups, larger groups and party bookings for birthdays and hen parties.

Attending Aerial Silks classes will help build strength which can be beneficial for when training in other classes such as pole fitness and aerial hoop.

When attending Aerial Silks classes, please ensure hair is tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn. It is advised to wear long sleeved tops and leggings. No shoes/trainers are required as the class will be taught with bare feet.

Price per class: £8.50 per adult, £7.50 per child/youth